All Of Me - Hits & Favourites All Of Me - Hits & Favourites : FRANK SINATRA : CD
Sinatra at his best and featuring the mid fifties hits Three Coins In A Fountan, You My Love, Learnin' the Blues, Young At Heart and many more favourites from the master of Croon.
Part Code:  REXX109
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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All Or Nothing At All All Or Nothing At All : RAY CONNIFF : 2CD
4 complete early sixties albums plus bonus tracks. - CD1 features two complete original Ray Conniff Singers & Orchestra albums plus five bonus tracks from around the same period. CD2 features two complete original Ray Conniff Orchestra And Chorus albums with three bonus tracks. Ray was one of the few commercially successful musical geniuses of our time, he was the first artist to use voices and vocal arranging as part of the instrumentation.
Part Code:  REXX344
Label:  REX
Format:  2CD

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Another Party Another Party : WINIFRED ATWELL : CD
50 Boogie Woogie Ragtime Hits & Favourites. Pianist Winifred Atwell is most successful female instrumentalist of all time in Britain. Gathered together here are hits and her much loved medleys from the 1950s.
Part Code:  REXX331
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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At His Best At His Best : STANLEY HOLLOWAY : CD
Truly classic comedy with some unforgettable monologues.
Part Code:  REXX106
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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At His Very Best At His Very Best : SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS : 2CD
The lunatic image of Spike Jones conducting the band with a baton in one hand and a starting pistol in the other is the way the world remembers him. If it ever considered what lay behind that stage (and screen) persona, when it wasn't too busy laughing, perhaps Spike would have been an even greater figure in their minds.
Part Code:  REXX302
Label:  REX
Format:  2CD

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At The Organ At The Organ : REGINALD DIXON : CD
50 medleys and hits from Reginald 'Mr Blackpool' Dixon is best known as the resident organist at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, where he played the Wurlitzer organ from 1930 until his retirement in 1970, only interrupted by military service in the R.A.F. during WWII. A fine double CD collection of the Theatre Organ played by the maestro of the genre.
Part Code:  REXX332
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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Best Of Buddies Best Of Buddies : FLANAGAN & ALLEN : 2CD
First recorded in 1931 - Bud's own composition 'Underneath The Arches', remains their most famous hit. This collection of 50 recordings spans 17 years, from 1935 to 1952. Bud's trademark was to appear dressed in a moth-eaten fur coat and battered straw hat, whilst Ches was the 'smart' one. Together, they would amble across the stage, swaying gently from side to side, in time to the music. Bud led, and Ches followed, with his hand placed on Bud's shoulder. In more recent years, others have paid tributes by 'doing a Flanagan and Allen', notably Roy Hudd and Christopher Timothy, & Bernie Winters and Leslie Crowther.
Part Code:  REXX326
Label:  REX
Format:  2CD

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Blow That Horn! Blow That Horn! : VARIOUS ARTISTS : CD
25 Trumpet Greats! This selection showcases some of the finest exponents of their craft who sold the records, packed the ballrooms and theatres, bringing so much pleasure to millions literally worldwide. Here we have a selection of the leading exponents of their art, an international line-up of star trumpet men. The diversity of style, too, makes this a gem.
Part Code:  REXX116
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Original 1940s Hits Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Original 1940s Hits : R.A.F. DANCE ORCHESTRA / THE SQUADRONAIRES : 2CD
This year sees the 70th anniversary of the start of The Blitz and The Battle Of Britain. 50 ORIGINAL swingin' hits and favourites from the era on a superb double CD. Boy did they swing! Recording both as The Squadronaires and The Royal Airforce Dance Orchestra they provided a much-needed morale boost during arguably Britain's darkest hour. They were immensely popular and talented musicians. Original 40s recordings remastered & sounding better than ever.
Part Code:  REXX339
Label:  REX
Format:  2CD

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Confessin' Confessin' : NAT GONELLA : CD
It was when he joined the Billy Cotton Band in 1930 that Nat, aged 22, made it to the ëbig-time'. He progressed to working with Roy Fox then Lew Stone, and finally took the plunge in 1935 with his own jazz group, The Georgians. Until the outbreak of war, they were very popular and recorded for Parlophone. The New Georgians, with a different personnel, recorded intermittently for Columbia between 1940 and 1942. The three tracks (where Nat reverts to the pre-war name of The Georgians) and which open this collection were made for Decca in 1945. Recordings were very thin on the ground over the next few years, and by the early 50s Nat was appearing as a solo turn in variety theatres and nightclubs. Happily, Nat re-emerged on the jazz scene toward the end of the decade, and began recording again. The first group of recordings by The Georgia Jazz Band include trombonist Roy Crimmins, clarinetist Archie Semple and pianist Fred Hunt amongst the personnel. The Strong Arm Men recordings and the final group by The Georgia Jazz Band feature the two Lennies: Felix on piano and Hasting on drums. When It's Sleepy Time Down South showcases Nat in duet with Lennie Felix. Although Nat hung up his trumpet for good in the 1970s, he carried on singing in his own inimitable style. He guested with several distinguished jazz musicians and combos in Holland and all over the United Kingdom until shortly before his death at the grand old age of ninety in 1998.
Part Code:  REXX130
Label:  REX
Format:  CD


Country Junction Country Junction : VARIOUS ARTISTS : 2CD
Fifty slices of Country & Western magic from some of the biggest names in Country from the 1950s singing hits and favourites. Many of the artists featured went on to sell millions of records, over careers spanning several decades - this is where it all began. Pure old fashioned Country & Western!
Part Code:  REXX335
Label:  REX
Format:  2CD

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Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra : CYRIL STAPLETON : CD
With vocalist including - Matt Monro, Jean Campbell and Bob Dale. Conductor, arranger and radio personality - leading the BBC Show Band in the 50s. 25 tracks - includes two rare Matt Monro recordings!
Part Code:  REXX114
Label:  REX
Format:  CD

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