Vim Vam Vamoose Vim Vam Vamoose : CHUCK MILLER : CD
Great Boogie Woogie stylist from the 1950s. Hits and hard to find rare sides from the Mercury and Capitol labels. This Boogie-Woogie piano player had a huge U.S. hit in 1955 with 'The House Of Blue Lights', a rocking version of an Andrews Sisters song that had previously been a hit in 1946 for it's co-auther Frank Slack. His only other chart hit was 'The Auctioneer' a country song that became a hit in 1959 and is probably his best remembered song. Anothther gap in the availability of some classic sides from the rock 'n' roll era. 35 fine tracks most of which have been out of print for years and never available on CD untill now!
Part Code:  GVC1003
Label:  GVC
Format:  CD

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Walkin' My Baby Back Home Walkin' My Baby Back Home : JO STAFFORD : 2CD
Jo Stafford enjoyed immense popularity during WWII and the years that followed it. Between 1944 & 1950 she scored an impressive 50 hits as a solo singer, and another 10 in duet with Gordon MacRae. This double CD features many of her most popular songs.
Part Code:  GVC2003
Label:  GVC
Format:  2CD


Wimoweh Wimoweh : KARL DENVER : CD
Karl's peak years were 1961-62, during which he kicked off his recording career with five consecutive Top 20 singles and a series of hugely-popular hit EPs and LPs. He even managed to survive the first onslaught of the Beat Boom before graduating to a career spent largely in the Northern clubs, cabaret, summer seasons and ultimately, the Folk circuit. This compilation comprises his first two LPs, an EP and four non-album singles, and includes most of his significant hits.
Part Code:  GVC1013
Label:  GVC
Format:  CD

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Windy City Bop - Chicago Rockabilly 1954 - 1958 Windy City Bop - Chicago Rockabilly 1954 - 1958 : VARIOUS ARTISTS : 2CD
60 Rockabilly Greats - The cradle of the mid 1950s rockabilly sound was, of course, the deep southern states like Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas but, in parallel with the Delta blues, rural Rockabilly migrated with its poor audience seeking a better life in the northern and western cities of the USA.It wasn't just black country folk who migrated north in the 40s & 50s, many rural white southerners left their homes too and, like their African-American counterparts, they wanted to hear the music from down home on the jukeboxes of the bars and honky-tonks of their newly-adopted hometowns.
Part Code:  GVC2023
Label:  GVC
Format:  2CD

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